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You love your house, but how do you get buyers to fall in love with it too?

First and foremost, rent a storage unit.  It will pay for itself. It makes decluttering a breeze.

Next, walk around the exterior. See what the buyer sees. Write down areas that need attention.

Declutter book shelves, counters, and remove excess furniture.  Free up the space.

Use soothing neutral colors on your walls and floors, and accordingly your buyer will relax.

Begin to pre move, by packing personal items, so that your buyer can emotionally move into the space.

Nov. 28, 2023

Who is Working for You?



Most of us are familiar with signing a listing contract with a real estate agent.  We hire the agent to represent us in all aspects of selling our homes.  We intuitively understand it is advantageous to have our agent exclusively devote man-hours, marketing dollars and savy strategy to crush the competition.  Most of us, however,  are not as familiar with signing an exclusive buyer broker agreement which is the process for hiring a buyer’s agent.


And this is unfortunate because without this agreement, no one is exclusively representing the buyer’s interests.  Without this agreement, the agent and the buyer are operating with both hands tied behind their backs. Other than the obligation to disclose known material defects about the property, the agent is not at liberty to share other information that weakens the sellers position. 


With an exclusive buyer broker agreement there is no ambiguity.  This is why I offer buyer agency.  You are hiring me  to work exclusively for you, period.  I can and will share information that strengthens your bargaining power at all times.  I will observe the market trends and research the true market value of the homes you desire. I represent you and put you at the head of the line in terms of commitment of time and resources.  I show the seller and their agent that YOU are the most qualified, prepared and trustworthy buyer. I highlight your value.  And the best part is, in almost all cases, the seller is paying for your representation! 


The truth is, the amount paid to a buyer’s agent by the seller is clearly stated in the listing contract. That is information you are entitled to know. Even if you ask me to show you an unlisted property, I can and will obtain an agreement with that seller to cover the buyer agent fee.  If the seller is not offering to pay the fee, you can decide if you want to see that property or not.


The only requirement on you, as a buyer,  is that you agree to work exclusively with me for a mutually agreed upon time period.  During that time we will exclusively work together. For example, if there is an open house you want to attend, bring me along.  If there is a for sale by owner you are curious about, ask me to arrange a showing.  If you find a great place online, let me know you want to see it.  See a for sale sign in a neighborhood?  Call me and we will see it together.


It is really quite straight forward and works to the your advantage in every way.


So the answer to the question “Who is working for me?” is that, as you buyer’s agent, I am!



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July 31, 2017

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